Happy Easter!

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Anna’s Closet

Stella with Anna's DaisiesKatie is proud to be a part of a cause that is dear to her heart – Anna’s Closet. In 2004, Katie’s cousin, Anna Menkel, lent her formal dress to an underclassman at St. Agnes Acadmey in Memphis who was struggling to find the perfect dress. When the young girl tried to return the designer dress, Anna’s reply was, “No, you keep it. It looks good on you!”

In memory of Anna who lost her life in 2005, and whose generosity had no limits, a committee of St. Agnes students established “Anna’s Closet” to share her good will toward all.

Over 2,300 dresses have been donated to help young women enjoy graduations and proms. This year, the event will be held on March 22, 2013. It will feature a Cocktail Party, silent auction (complete with celebrity apparel) and much more.

Here’s more exciting news! Katie and the team created a special “Anna’s Daisies” interchangeable strap to match the orange Stella handbag. Anna loved daisies, orange and pink, so this is the perfect tribute to a sweet girl. Twenty-five percent of the handbag purchase will be donated to Anna’s Closet. Visit www.katiekalsi.com to learn more.